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Saginaw Preparatory Academy provides transportation to and from school for students PreK-8th grade.  Transportation is provided for families in the surrounding Saginaw area.

Saginaw Preparatory Academy’s Bus Safety Rules

1. Students being transported are under the authority of the bus aide and driver.
2. Fighting, wrestling, throwing objects or loud activity is prohibited.
3. Students must remain seated while on the bus.
4. Students will not extend any body part or object through bus windows.
5. Students will converse in soft tones:  loud or vulgar language is prohibited.
6. Students may not eat or drink on the bus or in the loading room.
7. Students will keep the bus clean, and must refrain from damaging the bus.
8. Students who are disrespectful or refuse to promptly obey a direction from the bus aide or driver may be denied bus transportation temporarily or permanently.

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