Transparency Reporting

2019-2020 Fiscal Year Information

  • Collective Bargaining Agreement- There are no current bargaining agreements as the district has no bargaining units.

  • Annual Amount Spent On Lobbying and/or Lobbying Services- Lobbying costs for  MAPSA $1,340

  • Association Dues- CPI $989, Commodity Cooperative Membership $266.80, SAMS Club $125.

  • Deficit Elimination Plan (if applicable)- The district does not have a deficit elimination plan.

  • Credit Cards (authorized user and credit limit)- The district does not have credit cards.

  • Out-Of-State Travel For Previous Fiscal Year- There was no out of state travel to report.

  • Long Term Debt-  click here

Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan

Training on Delivery, Access, and Use of Virtual Content

The following healthcare benefits are sponsored by The Leona Group, LLC, the employer of record, and are available to all full-time TLG employees:

Medical: Blue Cross Base Plan; Blue CrossBuy-Up Plan; Blue Cross Consumer-Driven, High Deductible Health Plan (CDHP)
Dental: Delta Dental
Vision: Superior Vision
Wellness Initiative: Blue Cross

Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA): Payflex

School Improvement

Health Care

Salary Compensation

Financial Transparency Reporting 

COVID-19 Plans & Documents 

Policies & Safety & Wellness