Transparency Reporting

Transparency Reporting

COVID-19 Plans & Documents

COVID-19 plans & Documents

Emergency Drills

Emergency drill rules: Schools that operate grades kindergarten to 12 are required to do the following: 1. Minimum of 8 fire drills during each school year, (5 drills should be held during the fall months, 3 drills should be held the second half of the year). 2. Minimum of 2 tornado drills shall be held by December 1st of the school year and 2 drills should be held during the remaining part of the school year. 3. Minimum of 3 lockdown drills where the occupants are restricted to the interior of the building and the bulding is secured. At least 1 drill must be conducted by December 1st and at least 1 drill shall be conducted after January 1st of the school year with a reasonable spacing interval between each drill. View the FIRE PREVENTION CODE View the emergency drill logs

Financial Reporting

Accounts Payable Check Register Association Dues- CPI $150.00, Cognia $1,200.00. Audit Bargaining Agreement- there is no bargaining agreement. Budgets Deficit Elimination Plan- there is no deficit elimination plan. District Credit Card- the academy does not have a credit card. District & ESP Expenditures Lobbying Fees- MAPSA $1,350 Long Term Debt Out of State travel- there was no out of state travel to report Quarterly Financials


The following healthcare benefits are sponsored by The Leona Group, the employer of record and are available to all full time TLG employees. Medical- Blue Cross Base Plan, Blue Cross Buy Up Plan, Blue Cross Consumer Driven Plan, High Deductible Health Plan (CDHP) Dental- Delta Denta Vision- Superior Vision Wellness Initiative- Blue Cross Medical Flexible Spenidng Account (FSA), Payflex Healthcare Summary Document

Salary/Compensation Reporting

School leader compensation reports