Enrollment Information

We are happy to welcome you and your family to Saginaw Preparatory Academy. The Leona Group has partnered with PowerSchool to allow parents to enroll their students online. To begin the enrollment process, please click the "Enroll Now" button (right) to access the Enrollment Express online Pre-Registration application. 


Once you complete and submit the PreRegistration form, you will receive an email with directions for how to create a parent account in PowerSchool. All new student enrollment forms will be found within the Parent Portal. You will also be provided information regarding additional materials that will be required in order to complete registration. Please hold on to the required documents until notified to bring them to the school office. 


Just need more information? Contact us and a member of our staff will provide any information you may need, or answer any questions you may have.


  • Shot Record 

  • Birth Certificate 

  • Last Report Card

Just need more information? Contact us and a member of our staff will provide any information you may need.

Note: This is just the online process, you must complete the application at the school, located in the main office.  


James Kenney, school leader
5173 Lodge St.
Saginaw, MI 48601